iRIC support multiple languages. Language setting can be changed with the following menu.

[Option] –> [Preferences…]

When you change language setting, you have to restart iRIC to apply the setting.

This document describes the procedure to prepare translation dictionaries of iRIC.

Language dictionary files you need to prepare translation for iRIC software are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Dictionary files
Extension Description Solver GUI
Xml text file
This file contains the translated texts used in iRIC.
x x
Binary file
This file is created from “*.ts” by “lrelease.exe”.
“lrelease.exe” is a executable program which is
included in Qt SDK. Refer to Appendix for detail.

You can find the translation file(*.ts and *.qm) for iRIC GUI at the following folder:

(Install folder)\iRIC\guis\prepost\languages

The languages currently supported in iRIC, and the file names of translation files for each language are shown in Table 2. If you want to add translation for additional languages, please contact us.

Table 2 Languages currently supported
Language File name
Japanese *_ja_JP.ts
Korean *_ko_KR.ts
Thai *_th_TH.ts
Indonesian *_id_ID.ts
Chinese *_zh_CN.ts