Solver translation

Step 1

Create or update the translation file (*.ts) for the solver you want to prepare translation.

  1. Select [Option] –> [Create/Update Translation Files] in iRIC GUI menu. Refer to Figure 1.
  2. Click the next button on the dialog in Figure 2.
  3. Select Solver and Languages you want to prepare translation on the dialog in Figure 3. Click the Next button.
  4. Click the Finish button. The path you’ll get translation file (*.ts) is shown on the dialog, as in Figure 4.

Figure 1 “Create/Update Translation Files” menu


Figure 2 Introduction page


Figure 3 Select Program and Languages page


Figure 4 Confirm the result page

Step 2

Open the translation file with text editor and add translations for each English word. Please refer List 3 and List 4.

List 3 *.ts before editing
   <source>Boundary Condition</source>
List 4 *.ts after editing
  <source>Boundary Condition</source>

What you should do is as follows:

  1. Add translated text between <translation> and </translation>
  2. Save the file

Step 3

You can see the translated text in the iRIC software when you restart the iRIC and starts a project for the solver you prepared translation file.